A New PM for Great Britain……..Now What?

The political world was stunned yesterday when it was announced that the Queen had invited Conservative Party leader David Cameron to be the new Prime Minister of Great Britain following the resignation of Gordon Brown from office.  Just last weekend Brown was reported as saying he would resign “sometime before fall” and it was completely unexpected that his resignation would come this quickly.

Cameron was able to gain the position of Prime Minister after putting together an agreement with the Liberal Democrats party to share power, the first time a coalition for power has been formed in the UK since WWII.  The Conservative party gathered the most votes of any single party but not a majority that is normally needed in Britain to ascend to the PM position.  Almost immediately new PM Cameron appointed Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister.

Most everyone on this side of the pond that’s even noticing is shrugging their shoulders and saying “so what?”  That’s not an unfair reaction, what difference does it make to us here in the United States?  First off, Great Britain has been our most steadfast ally ever since WWII.  We’ve had differences of opinion, certainly, but the two nations share a common ancestry and remain defenders of one another.  Since President Obama has come to power, though, the relations between our two countries has been at the very least a bit frosty.  Although the President was on the phone to the new PM within minutes, I sincerely doubt those relations are going to improve with a Conservative party member in power now.

The members of the Conservative party in Great Britain have a very real and negative attitude of the Europeanization of Britain.  They have fought to keep the British Pound as their currency and generally limit the influence of the EU there.  The Liberal Democrats are very strong supporters of the EU and Europe in general so this is going to be quite interesting to see what kind of give and take this will result in between the two parties.  Similarly, the Conservative Party has generally supported an aggressive action towards terrorists and the outlaw countries in the Middle East, the Lib Dems want all of the British troops removed.  They are similarly far apart on many other issues on the domestic side as well.

How these two groups come together, if they really do, should be something to see.  Personally, I think the new PM threw them a bone by naming Nick Clegg a bone by naming him Deputy Prime Minister and the Lib Dems aren’t going to get much else.  In the long run, I’m not sure it will matter.  While the UK is not as socialist as the rest of Europe, they are much further down that road than the United States is and I’m afraid they’re too far down that path for anyone to turn them back without major social upheaval.

On this side of the Atlantic we can still learn something by watching this particular political drama play out.  We can see if it’s possible to even slow down the socialist march in the UK.  If not, then they are doomed, and we are most likely going to follow suit, just at a later date.  If they can even slow down that paraded, then perhaps there’s a chance for us as well.  Time will tell.

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