President Obama just doesn’t get it

News reports are that the President is going to skip the annual Memorial Day ceremony of laying a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery this year.  Surely he must have a good reason.  He must be traveling out of the country on official State business, or there must be security issues, or perhaps he’s simply ill and not able to attend.

No, he can’t make it because he’s vacationing in Chicago.

To be fair, he is going to speak at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery there, but that’s a poor substitute in my opinion.  Our nation is at war.  We have service members fighting and dying on foreign soil as I type this blog.  My admiration and respect for these men and women can’t be described in words on this page and my sadness and gratitude to those that gave their lives and their families that have suffered the loss is likewise without an adequate means of expression.  To think that the President, the Commander in Chief of these people, is more focused on going on a vacation than attending the most somber and august even to honor our dead is something that disappoints and actually disgusts me to my core.

President Obama, when you ran and were elected to the office, you took on a heavy mantle of responsibility and this Monday you are shirking that responsibility so that you can go on vacation.  You should be ashamed.  Virtually no family in the United States hasn’t been touched by the loss of a loved one or friend in the service of the United States Military and if you believe for one minute this will go unnoticed, you truly just don’t understand the American people.

I didn’t vote for you.  I don’t agree with your policies.  I have always believed, though, that you were doing what you thought was best for the United States, albeit with a misguided point of view.  Today I realize you truly don’t care about anything but yourself and I’m disappointed and ashamed to call you the President.

-john stricker

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