Attempted NYC Bomber Suspect Arrested

As of the news this morning authorities have in custody a suspect in the attempted bombing in NYC.  The city of New York and the United States got lucky.  Either incompetence on the part of the bomb maker, quick thinking on the part of a regular citizen, excellent work by authorities in dealing with the thread, or all of the above kept a massive loss of life and property damage from happening.  This is a good thing.

Excellent work by law enforcement and quality surveillance resulted in the apprehension of a suspect in very short order.  Again, this is a good thing.

From the news the suspect is reported as being a naturalized US Citizen that had origins in Pakistan.  Faisal Shahzad was arrested trying to leave the country.  The Taliban in Pakistan is indirectly claiming some credit/responsibility for the attempted bombing but there is significant doubt about that claim’s validity.  That will all sort itself out.  Professional investigators will get to the bottom of who did what, who helped who, and where the responsibility lies.  These are professionals and I leave it in their hands.  Other things trouble me about this.

I’ve heard on two separate news programs this morning that Mr. Shahzad should be considered a terrorist and if necessary, enhanced interrogation techniques used to find out what he knows (if anything).  NO.  NO.  NO.

We live in a Democratically Elected Representative Republic that has as it’s basis the rule of law with the foundation of that rule being the US Constitution.  We can not, we must not throw that foundation out because some act seems particularly heinous to us (or because someone happens to be an ethnic origin we don’t particular like or understand).  Mr. Shahzad is a US Citizen and must be afforded all the rights due him under our Constitution.  The Supreme Court has said he must be Mirandized, so he must be Mirandized.  The law in that jurisdiction says he must be arraigned within 48 hours so he must be arraigned in 48 hours.

The US Constitution is there for two reasons.  First, to limit what the federal government can do and second, to protect the rights of US Citizens.  That’s it.  That’s its reason for being.  It MUST be honored.  It MUST be respected.  It MUST be upheld.  Especially when we’re dealing with someone we feel doesn’t necessarily deserve the rights afforded under the Constitution, as in this case.  That’s when it’s the most important time to make sure those rights are respected.

The Constitution is something we have to respect, honor, and obey even when we don’t particularly want to do that.  In fact, that’s when it’s the most important time to do that.


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